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Software solutions development

Enterprise software architecture

Business-context is changing in time and creates an inconsistency between business expectations and deployed IT-solutions. An appropriate software architecture ensures flexibility to support rapid changes and innovations, helps your business reduce the time-to-market and development costs, while also increasing the ROI.


Software design patterns, proven development paradigm, are well-known methods to utilise best practices and make solution scalable for future demands and challenges.


Microservices approach allows to organize software product as a set of independent APIs. Software designed in such way is flexible to adopt changes in particular feature without impact on rest one.


Service Oriented Architecture, powered by ESB and ETL/BI, is the base point to evolving for modern product as well as for mission-critical solutions implemented before era of Digital, Big Data and Cloud.

Service-oriened architecture as a methodology, not a standard, hosts heterogenous, language-independed IT-infrastructure on the best way in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Quality assurance & control

Well-defined quality control processes ensure achievement of specified cost-time-quality of a particular project. Effective way to solve business challenges is taking into account previous experience: Best practices, Metrics & KPIs ranges and so on.


It is importent for us to be on the same page with our Client. We suggest to use CMMI and ISO vocabulary to build controllable processes in terms of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 standards.


Set of controls, that gives capability to check software quality at any time is automation test set. Runned on daily basis automation test set allows to avoid human factor and provide report in couple of minutes.


Manual testing is an activity to ensure software quality of whole release. Release Notes document contains status of each feature testing to prove software readiness to User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Process engineering should be carried out simultaneously with the business planning, because the business determines the processes and not vice versa. In this regard, the basic processes in the company should be market-relevant, flexible and easily adjustable, to prevent loss of controllability.


IT-infrastructure of modern organization is the ecosystem of services that communicate each other and external 3d-parties through APIs. Coupled with mobile and desktop front-ends it creates enormous amount of facts, events and data that correspond to Digital roadmap of revenue generation also known as IT-strategy.


iOS SDK and Android SDK as well as 3d-party frameworks supplemented by strong mobility-oriented UI/UX are the base for BYOD- and Customer-oriented native mobile apps.


Javascript frameworks with HTML5 extensions are the proven technologies to build front-ends for desktop and mobile browsers. Here is particularly important to attract visitor's attention and serve to convert him to a client.


The main characteristics of IT-infrastructure are high-availability and scalability. It demands appropriate technology provider, such as Oracle (Java), Microsoft (.Net), as well as open source (Python and other).


To be up to date to proven technology leaders, DIGITALOUTLOOKS encourages talent development and certification. We track our seniority on regular assessments to engage people to become Java Sun certified, Microsoft certified, Oracle certified professionals as well as Project Manager Professionals and Certified Scrum masters.

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