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Data management

Business intelligence

BI is a tool to support business analysis and decision-making, aimed at improving the competitiveness on the market. Use it to combine the data of your Company and represent it as the business information. Comprehensive BI dashboards offer: KPI & BSC monitoring, Analytics & forecasting, Knowledge management.


BI provides convenient and easy to use dashboard to control metrics as well as notification mechanism makes you informed about abnormal deviation or metric's value achievement.

& forecasting

It is an instrument to model "what-if" scenarios that motivate you to action. Just discover how to move business forward by turning information into relevant insight to pick right scenario.


BI dashboard is the single point for whole organisation to exchange with electronic data, experience and cases. Knowledge sharing is one more attribute of the data-driven Smart Organization.

Business intelligence tools, including Oracle Business Intelligence, SAP Business Objects, Cognos, SAP Lumira/Predictive analytics, Qlikview, Tableau allow to implement flexible and manageable IT-infrastructure.

Data integration

Well-designed data integration solution provides you with reliable, timely and accurate information about your businesses, and enable decision-making based on consolidated data. In depends on the business environment, data may be integrated on physical, logical or semantic level: Data warehousing, Data virtualisaton, Semantic integration


Historically caused, department-level Data Marts tend to grow into analytical (OLAP) and transaction (OLTP) processing systems. Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solution helps to integrate heterogeneous data sources into Smart Organization.


Booking and reservation business demands to query numbers of external independent data sources and plug them often into single logical data-point. In such case we define data virtualization approach as a most effective integration model.


Ontology-based integration mechanism is the proven way for high-level integration of several data warehouses. The main idea is to implement semantic mechanism of data interpretation without intruding into particular data warehouse.

Data warehousing technologies, including Oracle, Vertica, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB in conjunction with data integration components such as Informatica, Oracle OWB, SAP Data Services, Microsoft SSIS, Talend allow to implement flexible and manageable IT-infrastructure.

BigData solutions

Big Data is a data all our life about. DIGITAL helps to capture it cheap. Cloud allows to store it with no limit. To use information we need to have an answer for the question: how to transform data into information that brings the business-value?
That is why the main focus of CIOs and IT-departments is the information, not the technology. It is another way for IT-department into revenue-generation.


expect to have tool for "what-if" scenarios modelling that motivates you to business-action.

Your customers
are waiting for your offers that create systems of insight to deliver win-win engagement in real time.

In both cases we discover ways to move business forward by turning information into relevant insight to pick right scenario.


Collect data. We need to collect and store huge amount of data that grows exponentially. It is up to Volume, Velocity and Variety characteristics of Big Data that are initial cost of data ownership.

Analyse information. Data scientist is the person who committed to find and describe the relationship between collected data and business-metrics. Now we are ready to identify patterns and implement it as business-specific software.

Integrate solution. We integrate Big Data solution with current IT-infrastructure of your enterprise as usual manageable and trasparrent

BigData vision implementation is enterprise-level innovations that demand commitment to become data-driven Smart Company. As a data-driven Smart Company you will always have enough information to create new products, sell more, and outrun your competitors, as well as designed algorithms will become a digital assets.

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