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Innovation management report on it-weekend dnipro 2016


IT-Weekend Dnipro conference

Yuriy Lozinsky has reported on the it-weekend dnipro 2016 conference Yuriy Lozinsky Oct 23, 2016

Yuriy Lozinsky has reported about Innovation Management.

innovation for development team


Magic Console and Chatbots for development

Agile methodologies imrovements Yuriy Lozinsky May 21, 2016

Innovations for Agile distributed development teams.

facebook messenger


ChatBot in terms of Artificial Intelligence

chatbot approaches researcher Marharyta Semenova May 08, 2016

Why do business needs to develop smart chatbots?

Software Project management course delivery


Who is the Software Project Manager

Mentor, Tutor, Speaker, Lecturer of the Project management discipline Yuriy Lozinsky May 04, 2016

Interview with Yuriy Lozinsky, mentor @ I Coworking Hub.

KPIs best practices


Practice tips for setting and using KPIs

Process improvemets expert Marharyta Semenova April 28, 2016

Our best practices and tips for setting and using KPIs.

Intellectual property protection in UA


Intellectual Property and IT-Outsourcing

legislation expert Marharyta Semenova April 20, 2016

The question about intellectual property protection in Ukraine.

segmented transactions for regular bills and payments in UA


Ukraine. Online payments landscape

Ukrainian payment market expert Yuriy Lozinsky April 14, 2016

Quick look at online payments on emerging market.

set of KPIs for Software PM


KPIs for software Project managers

IT project management Yuriy Lozinsky March 09, 2016

Key performance indicators for software Project managers.

How to build agile team.

Strategic teambuilding

The Brain Wars for IT Dnepr competition

software project management Victoria Zaretskaya March 07, 2016

Getting clever with The Brain Wars for IT Dnepr challenge.

How to motivate sales managers who work in software outsourcing comapanies.


KPIs for Sales department in IT company

Business Analyst Yuriy Lozinsky March 04, 2016

KPIs for Seller who wokrs in IT outsourcing company.

How to motivate software developers who work in software outsourcing comapny.


Set of KPIs for software developers

Agile requirements manager Yuriy Lozinsky February 27, 2016

KPIs for programmer who wokrs in software development outsourcing.

Plugging up newly developed IT solution to market.


Software solution: developed but unplugged

Revenue generation professional Yuriy Lozinsky February 15, 2016

...So, the launch is planned, MVP is developed and we can’t wait...

DIGITAL: innovations vs transformation


Open lectures
Project management

Speaker Yuriy Lozinsky February 04, 2016

Dnipropetrovsk State University, Applied Math Faculty.

DIGITAL: innovations vs transformation


DIGITAL: innovations vs. transfromation

Business transformation professional Yuriy Lozinsky January 27, 2016

Couple of words about overall changes in IT value proposition.

Our first Robot


Our first Arduino-based Robot

technical writer Yuriy Lozinsky January 16, 2016

We have started our own R&D activity to verify some ideas.

International IT-conference participation


IT Weekend 2015

Participant Yuriy Lozinsky October 23, 2015

Special thanx for Andrey Youdenko for report about "QA management".

Strategic teambuilding

SCRUM master short training

Pleople manager Yuriy Lozinsky September 3, 2015

Setting our skills up. Agile / SCRUM training is the best teambuilding :)

HIMSS 2015 Conference


HIMSS 2015 Conference, Chicago

Participant Yuriy Lozinsky April 12, 2015

We were happy to see old friends and meet with new ones.

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