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Corporate Proof of Existence Software Tools.

Möbius Sign™ is a lightweight API-enabled software solution to store proof of existence of digital facts and events.

Use this opensource software if your Company is looking for up-to-date API-enabled corporate technology or cryptographic security mechanism that corresponds to BlockChain, while keeping it centralized and private.

Software solution implements the consistent storage of data-blocks SHA2-hashes that correspond to digital facts. Fingerprint of particular digital fact is empowered by previous events cumulative imprint. Each hash is linked to a time-mark that ensures integrity and continuity of the signatures chain. The storage model is organized in the way that avoids any ability of modification or removal of the chain links without affecting all next links. So, overall proof of existence and chronological sequence of facts may be verified every time Corporate policy of Intellectual Property Protection and Incident Prevention and Investigation demands:
Information access audit. No one is capable to hide sensitive Corporate information (know-how, secrets, etc.) access facts.
All digital actions will be fingerprinted and stored.
Enterprise task management. It is easy to confirm that Mission Critical task was issued in-time, described in the correct way, assigned and delivered to appropriate person.
All mission-critical cases will be handled.
Enterprise Contract Management or CRM systems control 3rd-parties and possible partners relationships from very first contract negotiation stages. It is important to formalize business relations in terms of Intellectual Property protection timely by, for example, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signing, Public Offers and Terms & Conditions documents acceptance and so on.
All business relations will be traced.

Source code is available on GitHub.
Möbius Sign™ software development team has decided to keep it open-source. So, fill free to use it for evaluation or commercial purposes.


100% free Corporate security system enhancement


Open-source software BlockChain-like proof of existence Digital signing SHA2


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