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TOP-5 agricultural holding

Agricultural Holdings Management is the multi-farm SaaS solution for Smart Agriculture companies to analyse KPIs of farms, such as ROI, yield (harvest) forecast, profitability, ratings, various type of costs (cost structure) and systematic deviations.

Agriculture process improvements

Agricultural Holdings Management software solution is the set of interconnected subsystems to achieve the goals of Strategic Sustainable Agriculture approach that requires multidimensional thinking and continually balancing short-term and long-term decisions.

Farms & Agronomists software helps Smart Agricultural Holdings and Organic Farms to perform the task of crop rotation planning correctly in terms of sustainability of agriculture. Sustainable Agriculture demands to balance annual business targets (short-term: ROI and cashflow) and multi-year priorities to fulfil biological demands of Farms (long-term: soil health and productivity). There are software tools for Agronomists, Farm advisors and Financial specialists to manage set of crop rotation processes on the Farm-level and Field-level both:
• soil bank & farms management,
• grains seeds control and selection,
• agronomists teamworking, collaborating and knowledge sharing,
• agronomists activity planning and tracking,
• metrics, analytics, business intelligence tools.

Software for Agronomists, Farm & Fields mobile application for everyday farmer's routines, is also delivered. Agronomist uses this software tool to manage whole farm or particular field to plan and perform agriculture operations on daily basis:
• soil preparation,
• seeding,
• tending the crops,
• harvesting and storing
during harvest growth monitoring, crop rotation planning and yields forecasting. Expert Agronomists are highlighting that frequent, careful field and crops observations are critical for future harvest. Field Inspection Planner feature allows farmers to plan and perform fields' observations and track the results, as well as use Farm & Fields mobile application for other reasons of cross-team and personal collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Weather, as an example of typical uncontrollable event, may impact actual volume of the crops yields. For Agricultural Holding it means business risks of contract's non-fulfilment, that should be processed due to Corporate Risk Management Plan, for example, accepted and insured. That is why Agronomists should be able to re-evaluate options and revise the plans and crop yields forecasts as early as possible. Weather Tracker collects, interprets and represents history of weather conditions of specific years for farms, so skilled farmers have all nesessary information to analyze weather probabilities during crops yields forecasting.

The success criteria for Grain Trading Head Office is to harvest early-considered volume of particular grains covered by Futures and deliver it with minimal losses. Grain Trader is CRM-like software solution that simplify commodities management, optimizes local transportation overheads and stockist storing costs as well as global logistics tasks:
• grains auctions,
• grain elevators' capacity management,
• truck fleet management,
• railroad cars freight management,
• cargo & maritime shipment management.

1-day training "Software for Agronomists", initially recommended as a part of Change management plan and activities, was conducted by DIGITALOUTLOOKS team for Farms staff and Agronomists as an added value for Customer to minimize short-term impact of overall business transformation.


10% efficiency gains for Crop Rotation planning 12% efficiency gains for Fields Inspection Reports 15% efficiency gains for ROI evaluation 19% efficiency gains for Crop (Yield) forecast activity


Map navigation Crop rotation plan and yield forecasting Profitability and cost structure reporting Ratings of fields, farms and agronomists Field inspections planning, acts and registry


Requirements/Use cases Java/Spring Ember.js D3.js Leaflet.js MongoDB Google maps API Android/Java SE
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