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USA-wide Health & Demography monitoring Agency

Social Health & Demography Monitoring Solution is a 100% social sophisticated tool uses indirect signs for the detection of diseases that are specific to an area of residence. Symptoms and the names of diseases in the social posts are used as the basis of the analysis by counting the frequency of occurrence of health complaints in particular areas. These outputs may be used to determine the systematic reasons of the diseases.

Healthcare monitoring software solution

Healthcare business demands custom software solution for predictive scenario modelling based on social networks data juxtaposed with ICD-10.
Most popular social networks feeds were selected as a data source to create own social graph for data manipulation:
• Social feeds analysier The Social Feeds Analysir tracks change frequency on new data to maximize polling efficiency and minimize the request cross-section. In addition to content, metadata such as location and device information is acquired and correlated from source origin where available.
• Data enrichment engine Leveraging a comprehensive in-memory technology for Data Enrichment subsystem allows software to aggregate and enrich enormous amounts of data in near real-time. The engine allows for multiple-protocol inputs, while operating on a canonical structure to discover possible data enrichments.
• Data categorizer fulfills business rules engine using BigData management approaches to become a tailored, self-learning engine that can categorize data, map outputs to ICD-10 and pull reference information and keywords into the data filtering process.
• Business outputs The Business outputs subsystem delivers information through Business Intelligence data visualisation & reporting dashboard and API. API handles multiple protocols and repository types. We have designed the API with concept to guarantee data delivery and stay sustainable and scalable for requested real-time data management mode.


up to 17% efficiency for social networks feed processing


Extended watchlists & sifting rules Social graph & Aggregation Multi-format API


Requirements / Use cases / Prototyping Java EE/Spring Ember.js / JavaScript D3.js / JavaScript Social networks: Facebook API, Twitter API, G+ API Percona Server(MySQL)
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