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Industry centric Agile teams
Agriculture software


IT-enabled smart agricultural is all about oldest ecosystem in the world that takes into account wide sets of data from soil (agronomy), crops (genetics), atmosphere (meteorology) and vehicles (logistics) to meet market demands.

Financial services solutions


Finance is a rapidly changing field of knowledge based on mathematics, statistics and modeling. Peer-to-peer transactions, blockchain technologies and data prediction are seizing the baton to serve connected people.

Healthcare & Medicine expertise


DIGITAL enables Hospitals to improve Customer engagement. It is right time now to transform Hospital Information Systems (HIS) into comprehensive self-service solutions integrated with Laboratories (LIS) and Exchanges (HIX).

Insurance solutions


The ACA creates new health insurance markets called Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX). Complexity of the Policy & Claim handling converted to smart solution helps Insurer to drive as a leader of the HIX ecosystem.

on-Demand srvices. Taxi


On-demand economy transforms revenue generation and open new niches for SMB. Digital Marketing replaces native sales while customer service moves to the customer care decreasing cost of market entrance.



We are shareconomy pioneers with entrepreneur's DNA. Came from software outsourcing through FinTech startup we’ve got back to custom software development with product management experience.

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Payment sharing

Peer-to-peer invoicing is a usual way for people collaborating

Digital signing

Payment has digital signature that protects Customer funds

Payment routing

Lowest commission calculation is mutually beneficial for all stakeholders

Fraud detection

Rule based scoring engine prevents payment's fraud

Cloud flexibility

Amazon cloud allocation decreases total cost of ownership (TCO)

Our partners say

«Solid approach of DIGITALOUTLOOKS team helped me to establish ventured in half a dozen new businesses in e-commerce and financial services.»

Rodrigo Marín, Director
at J MARIN Labs

«They just came in and solved a pretty hard technological task - on schedule, and exactly the way we needed it. I will trust them a mission-critical task again.»

Max Makhota, R&D Director
at Tigo Energy

«Yuriy Lozinsky (DIGITALOUTLOOKS) is a member of our technical advisory board as a senior advisor. He is detail oriented and has a firm grasp of technical terms.»

Rudi Carlsen, CEO
at Appsmakerstore

Share your excitement by the DIGITAL with us. By focusing IT strategy on revenue generation processes you will improve value contribution of the IT function.

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Events & activities
IT-Weekend conference speech about management of innovation

IT-Weekend Dnipro conference

Oct 22, 2016

Yuriy Lozinsky has reported about Innovation Management

DIGITAL is mobility, social, analytics and cloud

Partnership with CyberMind Tech.

May 25, 2016

Companies announce partnership to develop Artificial Intelligence

Chatbot for messenger

Smart Chatbots for messengers

May 08, 2016

Chatbot is the new one direction in omni-cahnnel strategy

Motivating software developers in software outsourcing company

KPIs for software

February 27, 2016

Key performance indicators for programmers

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